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Welcome to yet another edition of Miss Online Casinos online casino wisdom! Here Miss Online Casino will let you know all about new casino sites and what they bring to the table! It’s a modern era that is dawning upon us—out with the old, in with the new! I will take you through some of the most promising projects in the Online Casino market and discuss a little bit about old and new casinos and what the difference is. Another question that will be answered is “Why are there so many casinos?”. Stay tuned!

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Why are there so many new casinos nowadays?

That is a great question, my dear. Truth be told, the answer is pretty simple as well. Have you seen the statistics nowadays? There are more people playing at online casinos than there have ever been! Some great things and advancements have made online casino all the more interesting to the common folk, which is why there is a definite boom period going on!

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Everyone plays at online casinos—your neighbours, your teachers, your friends… Probably even your dear old family all play in secret. You know what they say, though, about kissing and telling? Many of us play hidden from the public eye. Our gambling really brings us a lot of excitement and joy, but it’s still not necessarily something that we talk about on social media! There still is a bit of a stigma about online gaming. You might have things under control, but once you mention that you love to play, some might assume that you’re one of those who just can’t stop. This is why so many of us keep it on the down low when it comes to online casinos.

Still, casinos are all the rage right now, and there’s definitely a lot of people out there who tend to throw in a fiver of two every once in a while. There’s nothing bad about that, as long as it’s money that you can afford to lose. Because of this rise in popularity, there are many, many casinos out there popping up every month. There is a lot of money circulating in this business, so it’s no wonder that there are quite a few people trying to cash in on it.

Are new casinos better than the old?

Yessiree, they definitely are! It’s a question that’s a lot alike with questions such as “Are new smart phones better than the old ones?” or “Is the new BMW better than the ones from the early 90s?” Of course they are!

Just how are they better, you ask? Well, they are more modern and built on higher standards of web design, for example. Technology has really gotten better over the years, and it’s the same with online casinos. Remember when you could only use your mobile phone to play that old snake game where you try to get those crumbs or whatever they were to make your snake grow bigger? Some online casinos out there were established in the same time period as that silly little game. Then, do you remember when games like Angry Birds and Pokémon GO really became huge hits? Well, some casinos were established in that period of time! You see the difference here?

Of course, you could make the argument that many old casinos have since upped their game. The snake game hasn’t really evolved, but some new casinos may have gotten better with age. This is a fair point, but are we then really talking about old casinos to begin with? It’s like calling a person old when they’ve found the Fountain of Youth and made themselves a teenager again! When we’re talking about old casinos here, we really, truly mean old and probably defunct ones!

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Enough about this lesson now, though. We are out of time.

Off you go! It’s break time! The casino session is out for today!