Free Spins – With and Without Deposit

Hello again, my little casino students. How have you been? It’s great to see all of you back here and enjoying my lessons. Did I ever tell you that I used to be a teacher in a community college? I bet I did not!

free spins

Ahem, I guess it is time to move onto today’s subject, although I really don’t mind having some small talk with you all. Today we will be talking about free spins and what they bring to the table. Why are casinos so eager to give out free spins? Can they be turned into real profit? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered—pronto!

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I think we have gone over this already when talking about other casino bonuses and how to get 50 free spins when you add your bank card, but the truth still remains that there are now so many casinos out there that they are just trying so hard for people to pick them instead of their competitors. It’s a very rough business, so we should really be happy that we’re on this side of the fence instead of working in the casino business ourselves!

So, casinos are not giving you free spins just because they love you so much—it’s just business before pleasure for them. And even when they’re giving you free spins, they are actually just trying to bait you in to invest more money with them. It’s a bit like what they say about dishonest people hugging you—they are just trying to find a place to stick a knife… Of course, casinos aren’t this bad, but you should always keep in mind that nothing’s free. I’m not saying you should be pessimistic and ruin everything by expecting the worst, but you should not be too naïve either! Just try to find a happy medium and you should be good to go!

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Can I Win Real Money With Free Spins?

Well, wouldn’t that just be dabber? You are getting free spins for free (ahem, that’s in the name), and you would really like to turn your so-called free currency into real money. Wouldn’t we all? The problem here, however, is that it’s not all that easy! In fact, just about every casino requires you to do some things in order to convert your free spins winnings into real cash. What this means is that they usually have a wagering requirement in place, making it more difficult for you to actually walk away a winner.

Say you win 10 pounds with your free spins. The casinos normally have a wagering requirement of 20x or more, which means that you have to wager £10 x 20 = 200 pounds worth before you can actually withdraw your winnings and leave as the casino king that you always wanted to be. The bad thing here is that if you were looking to withdraw just 10 pounds, you simply cannot do this. The good thing here is that you don’t have to feel guilty about not quitting while you were ahead as you basically have to play some more. Who knows—sometimes this might actually work for you benefit as you could actually end up winning more just because you were forced to keep on playing! Talk about an angel in disguise!

Still, turning your free spins into real cash is not a very easy feat to accomplish. Thus, you should just think of it as free test money. You could also play games for free if you wanted to, but with free spins, at least you have a theoretical chance to make something of it. As such, free spins are kind of neat.

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