Youtube Video Slot Machines: Why You Should Be Watching

youtube video slots

We all know YouTube provides an endless stream of entertainment, cataloged with music video clips, movie trailers, vlogs, and myriad home videos. 


We have seen a shift from YouTube being solely an entertainment platform to being a source of educational resources, such as ‘how-to guides.’


How can we effectively utilize this free resource to expand our knowledge capabilities?

How We Can Benefit from Watching Youtube

We all get sucked into the endless loop of recommended YouTube videos. We settle in to watch one clip, and before we know it, we are letting YouTube automatically play the next recommended clip. Our expected one-minute video session has expanded to fill hours of viewing time. 


It need not be wasted time, however. We need to ensure we configure our YouTube accounts to work to our advantage. What do we mean? Depending on what we are looking for, we can build our profile, so the YouTube recommendations work more in our interests.

How to Build a Better Youtube Profile


We are expecting a recommended video to play automatically, but what we may not be aware of is the power we have in controlling which video appears next. Let us look at how we can build a more efficient profile using the video slot machine example.


We search YouTube with the keywords “how to choose paylines on a video slot machine.” The search results are displayed with the most relevant appearing first. Naturally, we click on the first video that appears. 

When the author uploads the video, they are prompted to enter a video description. The description appears below the video. Not only is this useful to understand what the video is about, but YouTube will utilize this to display relevant content.


Additionally, there is a powerful feature of adding tags. Tags are used to categorize the video and to show up as relevant search terms. For our example, related tags could be paylines, slot machines, and video slot machines.


We can use features such as favorites, likes, and subscriptions to build our library. Our recommended videos will be chosen to relate to our history, therefore creating our very own online learning facility.

Following Youtube Channels

In addition to saving our favorite search terms, we can follow our favorite YouTubers. We then are notified when they upload a new video to a new video to their channel. Assuming that channels contain relatively similar content, we have increased the likelihood of the next video suggestion being within our field of interest.

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Thank You. Next!

Following the methods above, we can start to control the criteria used to select the next automatically played video. We can then utilize our hours of viewing in a much more productive and educational manner.