Poker Chips Value – What color is worth what?

poker chip value

The key to understanding poker is knowing the poker chips value. It is only at casinos that you have poker chips with markings. This means that you must know what each chip is worth. There is no hard and fast rule about the assigning of chip values. However, certain standards exist. Usually, when playing private games, you make use of white, blue, black, red, and green chips. More colors are used when playing high-stake tournaments.

The question to answer in the first place is why do we use chips in poker? Each chip has a specific value so it is easier to count chips than count regular currency. In fact, in most casinos, it is the weight of the chips that are used. Another reason why chips are used is that gamblers tend to bet more with these chips. Let’s look at these poker chips value of the different chips:

  • Regular poker chips
  • Rarely used poker chips

Hosting a Private Poker Event for a Few Players

Just in case you want to host your own private poker event, we have a few suggestions regarding your poker chips value. If you know that your event will be having about 10 players, you should have a minimum of 500 chips. These chips should be in three or four of the basic colors described above. On the other hand, it is a bit different if you are having a larger crowd.

Hosting a Private Poker Event for Many Players

If your crowd is up to 30, you should have a minimum of 1,000 chips. You can make your chips fall between four and five colors this time. Another thing you should do is keep the difference in colors as low as you can. When assembling your chip collection, ensure that you have more low denomination chips. The higher the denominations, the fewer the chips. This will make the game more fun to play.

Casino Chips

If you have been to a casino then you would have noticed that their chips are customized. This makes it easy to know the poker chips value. Usually, the value of each chip is inscribed along with the name of the casino on the chip. Sometimes, the chips are multi-colored and may have patterns. The values may be based on the ones stated above. But in some cases, the value may be personalized to a particular casino.

High-Value Denominations

It is rare to see poker chips valued at higher than $5,000 in a public casino. Games like these are usually private in VIP sections or homes. If the game is hosted at a casino, regular poker chips are replaced by rectangular plaques. These plaques usually fall within the range of $5,000 and $25,000. If you are interested in this, you are likely to find this class of casinos in Atlantic City and Nevada.

Poker Chips Sizes

If you are wondering what the size of the chips has to do with poker chips value, it’s explained here. The regular size is a diameter of 39 millimeters. However, poker chips used at home don’t have a specific width; they are usually 40 millimeters in diameter. Chips used at home are mostly heavier than those used in casinos. It is important to know these sizes as they influence the value of the chips.