Everything you need to know about slot machines

Welcome to Miss Online Casino’s casino class, my prized pupils! This time I am going to talk to you about something that is probably very interesting to every one of you, slightly inspired by articles on Sportsmole.co.uk. My topic here is slots machine. A lot of us casino lovers love slots machines to death, so I thought it would be a no-brainer to talk about slots and how fun they really can be. Here, I will be discussing many things related to slots, so I hope every one of you can learn something new.

Tons of providers

The first thing you should know about slots machines is that there truly are dozens of different providers available. Some of the more popular ones would be companies like Microgaming, NextGen, Quickspin, Betsoft and Play’n GO, to name but a few. The biggest company by far, however, is the Swedish NetEnt. Their games have become immensely popular over the years. These games include hits like Gonzo’s Quest, Hansel and Gretel and Starburst. The last one of these is probably the most popular online casino slots machine ever created. It is not as if Starburst is even all that great when compared to a lot of the newer titles these days, but somehow it has still managed to keep its popularity.

I guess a few more words about Starburst wouldn’t hurt. The game has five reels, just like just about any every other modern slot machine nowadays does. The special feature here, though, is that you can win money from left to right, and from right to left, which means that the game never really gets boring. Games that only offer you wins from left to right are kind of sometimes interesting only during your first two reels spinning—the three last ones won’t matter if you don’t have any winning combinations with your first two reels. Thus, Starburst keeps things interesting even when the two first reels don’t give you anything. Another nice feature would be the stacked wild reels, which also trigger a re-spin, giving you two chances to win. That is enough about Starburst for now, though.

I advise you to try games from many different game providers  in order to find your favourite ones. When in doubt, however, try NetEnt games as they have really taken the online casino world by storm and tend to be of extremely high quality. Still, you should give smaller companies a chance as well, as those are probably still pretty hungry for new customers and are consequently producing games to the best of their abilities.

Keep your eyes open for high RTPs

‘RTP’ stands for ‘Return to Player’ and is essentially what makes an online slots machine attractive to the players. If you never win while playing a slots machine, you probably aren’t going to have a very good time. Some of the better slots machines give you an RTP or about 96% or more, which means that you have a good chance to win. Some of the worse games can even dip under 90%, and I really cannot recommend you trying these games if you want to win.

Try googling stuff like “slot machines with high RTP” and take your pick accordingly. There is absolutely no reason to play a game that isn’t interested in giving you a fair chance at winning.

High and low variance

Lastly, just a few words about high and low variance games. So-called high-variance games are those that do not often give you winnings, but when they do, you will end up winning big. Low-variance games, on the other hand, are games that are constantly buttering you up with small and medium-sized winnings. Of course, you should pick a game based on your liking.

That’s that! You choose what suits you! School’s out for today!